And a ribbon goes to…..

I am very excited. One of my two show entries this year has received 3rd place in the Royal Melbourne Show, contemporary tatting section.

This is the place getting display. Pot of gold/rainbow from Nancy Tracy’s Pattern book “Tatts where I stopped”(thanks Nancy for posting to Australia), Sea Horses from Jane Eborall’s medium Sea horses pattern, and the letters are from Lisa C. Trumble 2000 patterns. (scroll down for more)

This doiley was a labour of love. It took 10 months and I had to adjust the 1930’s pattern to accommodate the butterfly beads I wanted to add. It is the last ‘big’ thing I will make. It didn’t win a prize, but will look lovely in my lounge!

I am having  heaps of fun making littler things and adding beads. I am also playing around with split rings and starting to try out my own patterns. It makes me so appreciative of those wonderful crafters who have gone before me and recorded their ideas in pictoral and pattern form. So lets see what the next 12 months brings 🙂

Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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2 responses to “And a ribbon goes to…..

  1. How wonderful Fiona and how clever to bring your sea and sky design together

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