intatters…an online community for tatters

I think I joined this circle of tatters in it’s previous incarnation.  I have long since lost track of the password.  After a few hiccups trying to log in with my facebook login (this system didn’t seem to work for me), I started fresh and logged in with a different name and password, and finally was able to access this tatting treasure trove.  This newer site has so much functionality for members. The tatting forums are a wealth of information and a number of active users helps to answer posts and share tatting triumphs (and heartaches). The more you use this site, the more points you accrue (kind of like an online game).  As with all good tatting sites and blogs, it has a clever title that incorporates the word Tatting…which I really love, we are a witty lot 🙂

I am enjoying getting involved.

Here is a referral link from my membership.

As always, Happy Tatting!

Fiona T



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  1. Great to see you back 🙂

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