Finally: Pictures form the Royal Melbourne Show and something new.

Hi Everyone,

Here are some pictures of my entry being displayed at the Royal Melbourne Show this year. 








And here is a picture of something I am playing around with at the moment. I have posted it on the ‘intatters forum’ to see if it is a technique people know about and if it has a name. It makes really pretty frilly rings by using a double thread around the hand when making rings. 


The first one I did in yellow, and it looks nice. The second one I used blue to show that two threads are used and flipped when picots and DS are made.  I wonder if I could use three threads?

Anyway, please feel free to comment and let me know if this technique has a name. I would love to see some patterns using this and will try over the Christmas holiday season to come up with a pattern to highlight these frilly rings.

As always, happy tatting

Fiona T



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5 responses to “Finally: Pictures form the Royal Melbourne Show and something new.

  1. I think this is the way that many people use when running two or three threads together – as with fine sewing threads or a filament. I don’t think it’s got a specific name. If you look at the top picture on this page you will see that the picots have three threads in them. Here’s another one too Tiny flowers look very pretty worked with several fine threads.

    • Thanks for that Jane. I am so excited that you have stopped by AND made a comment, I have been frequenting your blog and FB page for a while now. I have found a couple of tutorials online since posting this blog and see that it is used by some as a ‘core thread’ then they can change colours etc easily without tying threads. Very exciting, there is still so much to learn about this craft 🙂

  2. Jenni

    Hi Fiona,
    Love your show work and congratulations on your prize.

    As for your technique – I haven’t see it but it looks pretty stunning and I can think of a few good uses for it!

    See ya,
    Jenni (Liyarra)

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