Online shopping and a quick project completed.

Last week I ran out of time to post on this blog as I was excitedly shopping online at ‘Crochet Australia‘.

I finally found the thread that many of you in the US, UK and Europe rave over in your blogs…Lisbeth Thread. I also found a beautiful range of coloured hankies and matching threads in packs, and some cro-tatt needles and books for my Mum, who is trying to learn to tatt too. I spent a little more than anticipated, but am so very pleased with my lovely supplies that arrived a mere 4 days later. The wonderful people at Crochet Australia also included a newsletter, a free gift (yes I spent THAT much) and a freddo frog (my son bagged it for school the next day). The products are lovely and I now am pleased to actually include some thread in my package for the ‘intatters christmas exchange’, as the thread I have been using is a bit coarse and embarrassing really when I see the lovely threads used in some blogs.  I think my visits to my local craft store will be much less frequent as they just don’t supply the colours and threads I want to use. I have spent the last 6 months at said craft store looking and asking for orange thread, but they can’t/wont order it in…very frustrating.

My facebook page for this blog is also a bit exciting. The ‘liker’ number has doubled in the last 4 days. When it has 25 likers I am thinking of a small giveaway (that would go to one of the first 25 likers)….head on over to “One Mad Tatter” and ‘like’ the page, and also let me know what you might like to win (tatting related, obviously)….

On another happy note, I also decided to make a Birthday card for my MIL, and so tatted some doodles and arranged them ‘Rebecca Jones’ style. I think it looks really pretty and I will make more of these and stock pile them for card making in the future.


What are your favourite quick projects, for fun or gifts?








Until next week, happy tatting,

Fiona T



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