Blogs I like: Carol’s Little Treasures and Il Chiacchierino

Carol’s Little Treasures – A Tatting Blog: Elmer, The Patchwork Elephant.  (Scroll down to see this fabulous tatted picture!)

Over the last 12 months I have found a treasure trove of tatting pictures via the many blogs that are out there. Tatting is so versatile, it is really up to the tatters imagination what they want to create. I love the Elmer stories and this tatted Elmer would be a great gift for any child’s room. I will work out how to add a blog roll and that way you can share in my favourites and new discoveries!

One I found this morning on my Facebook page is from an Italian Tatter, and she is sharing some lovely small pieces. They are so simple and delicate looking, and she intends to use them on small cakes plates to help slow down when family and friends visit in the festive season. I have used google translator to help me write a comment (that I hope makes sense in Italian) on her page. I might even cut and hem some cloth to make a doily of my own. Enjoy the lovely pictures and I hope it inspires a new project for you too:

What are some of your favourite tatting blogs/pictures?

Please share 🙂

Happy Tatting



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