TARDIS Bookmark

Wow, a TARDIS Bookmark. I saw someone’s picture of this on intatters and knew that hubby (WH) would want one.

I hunted down the pattern: http://nuperelle.net/EngPatterns.htm and showed it to WH. He liked it, but wanted the bottom of the box to be filled in….no problem, with a bit of thinking I adjusted the pattern and began to tatt. Then I realised that the top involved using a split chain. I love the internet, the youtube videos are brilliant, I watched 4 different ones and then sat with my shuttles and worked along with them. Once it was not twisting I felt confident to finish off the bookmark.

So here it is….the TARDIS bookmark:

What holiday projects have your eye?

Happy Tatting




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5 responses to “TARDIS Bookmark

  1. Leeanne

    Yes, youtube is wonderful! Love your bookmark!


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  3. AnneB

    Ah – but off course! Do you mind if I include the filled version as a variation of the pattern?

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