TROVE and TIAS: Two Tatting Projects brought to you by the letter ‘T’

I may not have been blogging much the last few weeks, but I have been busy tatting and working. I also got an offer for my study in the PhD program, so have been excitedly enrolling also. You can read more about my studies in my other blog: My Paperless PhD.

So what has been keeping my occupied in tatting? First TROVE, which I have written about before. I have been plugging away at editing patterns and decided I would print off the PDF and text version and try one of the patterns myself. Another Tatter, Jon, is also doing this and blogging about it. I am so enjoying seeing these older patterns in vibrant colours I was a bit inspired by her . I only found one error in the pattern, a missing picot. Here is the link:   Tatting with two threads  The pattern for the third round is in a different text box on the same page, click on comments once you get to the right TROVE page, we have explained how to find it to print.

And here is a picture of the test tatting. It is really pretty! It was a beginner pattern, so was quite easy. I used some beautiful lisbeth 40 thread, and have resolved to buy more colours because it is just so smooth.

The other fun project that has just begun is TIAS (tatt it and see) from Jane Eborall. The idea is that part of the pattern is released every few days and you ‘tatt along’ and try to guess what will be tatted. Jane is also kind enough to spend most of the day checking her email for photos of each stage of our work, then she adds them to the TIAS blog. I am enjoying seeing everyone’s work, thread colours and shuttles. There are such lovely shuttles out there…I have ordered a few more aero shuttles (thanks Crochet Australia for the special order) and am going to try and ‘pretty’ them up.

There is still time to jump in and try this, as we are only up to day 3 of the pattern. I managed to muck up my one last night, I should have known my brain was tired, and I flipped the stitches on my SCMR (self-closing mock ring) instead of leaving them unflipped…so got a bit of a tangled mess. I will re-tatt the whole piece today and get back on track. I did learn, however, to make ‘faux picots’ and these looked good.

Here are my pictures from my first 3 days:

Oh, and you can see my lovely new shuttle, from emsy-jane on ETSY….I have already ordered another one. I only miss the hook a little bit, but most of my projects now use at least 2 shuttles, so I will just use the hook on another shuttle when needed.

Happy Tatting!

Fiona T




January 16, 2012 · 1:14 pm

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