A Month of Tatting

I have been enjoying some downtime in the last month and have been tatting at every opportunity. A couple of days ago I sat down to sew in the few ends in various pieces I had finished and realised that I had done HEAPS of tatting since Christmas. In a month I had completed many small projects (photographed below) and also tried many smaller sample pieces for things I want to make in the future. The hanky was started in October, but I got a real run on with it in December (Rita Weiss, page 10 no 3006 edging). The Bookmark in the middle is from a free pattern at Bestitched. The Tardis I have blogged about and is from Anne. The Bauble is from Ginny Weathers (via Georgia’s site), the orange edging was a test tat of an old Norma Benporath pattern from TROVE and the doily edge from the same 1930’s book my last show entry was from: Paragon 105, Tatting Designs.   I have also been avidly watching and participating in Jane’s TIAS  this year.  I am definitely feeling more accomplished by producing more items and trying new techniques, but a bit of me misses being able to pick up a piece and just continue tatting without having to check a pattern constantly.

Maybe I should pick a particular bookmark or edging and make a few of them for a while? How do you keep your ‘balance’ in craft? Do you do lots of the same sort of thing, or constantly try new things?

Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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