Online Tatting classes: Great opportunities for learning.

The online tatting design class is a great group. Despite not having formal classes for the last few weeks, as few of us are still popping in and chatting, and this week we actually had a lot of talk around design ideas. I started by sharing this picture that had been put up on our designers facebook page:  It looks so great, and is a great idea for utilising doilies in a more modern way.

We began to discuss about how best to do this, would we use a medallion in the centre and numbers tatted on the outside, or could numbers perhaps be tatted into a doily? The one in the picture above is a plastic doily, so another idea was to try and tatt that style of doily to stiffen and use for a clock. We also had discussions around how to tatt a slightly different project. At the end of the class time we were pleased to have had some chat about designing tatting and had shared some of our patterns too.

If you are interested in learning how to use computer software to design your own projects, or are beginning tatting and would like to learn more and practice skills, go to Georgia’s site: and contact her to get involved. It is a great experience and I highly recommend becoming involved.

As always,

Happy tatting!

Fiona T



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3 responses to “Online Tatting classes: Great opportunities for learning.

  1. Savita kaura

    Good idea for tatting.Keep it up

  2. Sue

    Thanks so much Fiona for helping keep Tatting Designers going while I’ve been gone! Hope I’ll see you in class tomorrow.

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