Ideas are everywhere…what action will you take.

I came across this blog post today and it made me think about a few things. This post could easily go into my other blog, but it resonated more with my ‘craft’ self, so here it is in this blog:

I took a long time to learn to tat. When I was about 17 or 18 years old I found a tatting book and blue plastic clover shuttle at a craft shop while on holidays. I thought I would teach myself! But try as I might, my rings kept locking.  I loved the idea of tatting (something beautiful made from knots)and proceeded to buy more books with instructions and beautiful patterns….I kept trying for a few weeks each year (usually summer when it was too hot to knit) and still couldn’t master the sliding ring.  After quite a while I could do a lovely double stitch, but not much more. Frustrated, I would put it down again. I did  take my tatting to a few craft groups, and ladies in those groups would look and say that it looked right…no-one told me about the ‘flip’.

One day I was wandering through Spotlight and saw Rebecca Jones’ book….of course I bought it (I was an avid tatting book hoarder already) and it changed my world…I discovered the ‘flip’! So now I could tat, but didn’t have the confidence to do too much. I made a few medallions and kind of left it there. This is when we got a great internet connection and I began trawling E-Bay and buying lots of tatting books. I remember telling my husband “I don’t think I have the patience to tat…I think I will just collect tatting books!”  Looking back, that was the real ‘gathering’ of ideas phase. The Blog link above is what many people are good at, the act of looking, buying, filing ideas and information. It makes us feel like we are doing something. In some ways we are doing something, we are seeding thoughts that, if we turn them to action, could lead us to something great….Pride in a new skill or job well done.

The next step (yes, hurdle) is the action. For me it was a hankering to enter a piece in the Royal Melbourne Show. That spurred me to action. I started to chip away at a doily pattern I liked….and the rest is history really. I tapped into blogs and began tatting with renewed passion. I still love collecting books, and now I love making things from them too. I have many projects on the go.  I feel that time spent on facebook or looking at blogs could often be ‘better’ spent working on my tatting. I suppose it is an obsession now. With this blog and intatters (updated Jan 6th 2015- Craftree has replaced intatters- there are numerous facebook groups and the Melbourne tat and chat started in 2015, so I now get o meet actual, real life tatters on a semi regular basis), I really feel part of a supportive and vibrant community. Most of all I am no longer just collecting ideas, but putting them into action in a way that is so relaxing, and satisfying it is difficult to put into words.

So, I urge you- if you are a collector, to pick something off your list and take action…who knows where it will lead you!

Happy Tatting (or whatever is on your list!)

Fiona T



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