As I really haven’t had much time to play with wordpress and figure out how to do a blog roll properly. I thought I would write this weeks post and provide links to some of the craft/lifestyle blogs I enjoy.

This is an inspiring blog from one of my online tatting guild buddies, YumaTatter.  Her ideas and work are just lovely. Have a look at her latest work in the Take A Stitch Tuesday program.

Here is a blog from another online friend, Linda Davies. Her tatting patterns and video tutorials are great. She has helped to shape my thinking and work around 3D tatting. I really like her eye for detail and studies of flowers.

Jane Eborall’s blog also has to be mentioned, so many great ideas, patterns and of course the TIAS (tatt it and see) she so generously runs:

One of my close online buddies (and rekindled school friendship) also blogs about craft, cooking and life with her lovely kids and hubby. She shares recipes, craft and gardening advice. Pop on over to

I think four links will work for this week…I do have 12 more tabs open with 12 other blogs I like….perhaps I’ll put some more links up next week if others don’t link them first.

Please feel free to add links to your own blog or your favourite blogs below in the comments, or at the facebook page. When I do figure out blog rolls then I will transfer all the links from here to it!

We are also up to 43 likers on the Facebook page. When we hit 50 there will be a random giveaway. This will be inclusive of all likers at the time of the draw and I will post internationally. Here is a link to the blog about our last winner.

Until next time,

Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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April 29, 2012 · 8:01 am

One response to “Blogs I Enjoy!

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Fiona!

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