My first pattern publication: beaded bookmark

I really love being part of the online tatting community. I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend the online tatting design class run by Sue and Gina. It is with their patient help, and words of support that I have completed this pattern to share.

To say it has been a ‘learning curve’ is an understatement! I have learned to use Adobe Illustrator and WH has also helped when logic has not prevailed for me. My original idea was to simply trace over a photo of the tatted item to create a visual diagram that could then be saved as its own image file. Unfortunately this is easier said than done! The diagram I produced using this method was very shaky.  I left it for a while and came back to it last weekend. I decided to just use the shapes and draw tools to recreate the pattern (thanks to an inspirational lesson the other week which got me thinking about drawing the visual pattern first and then tatting the design).  This worked a lot better, but was still a little ‘wonky’ (I think I may need new glasses…everything I do freehand I am noticing is a little skewed!) so WH once again used his skills (and prefect eyesight) to fix the image.

Please feel free to print off and use this very basic beginners’ pattern. I made it up to practice putting beads on my tatting for my show entry last year. For those more experienced in tatting it is probably too easy.  For me it was more an exercise in learning how to use a program to create patterns than to contribute anything truly inspiring to the tatting community. Having said this, please do stay tuned…I have a number of other patterns in the pipeline at various stages of development.

Link to PDF: Bead Bookmark © Fiona T 2012(this link should work now!)

Oh, and if you have tatting patterns in your head or heart, please pop over to ‘intatters‘ and find out about the online tatting classes and online tatting design classes, they are a great way to connect with other tatters all over the world and sharpen your own skills.

As always, happy tatting!

Fiona T


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  1. Here is a link to some comments. ..I have fixed the problem with the pattern downlaod, but somehow broke the link to the comments…

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