Anne B’s Tatted Tardis

It is with great excitement that I can finally share with you one of the ‘triumphs of the internet’. I often marvel upon the collaboration opportunities that are available through technology today.  Today’s blog is just one example of how a more connected world is providing links between a tatter in Norway, and a tatter in Australia.

Remember in January when, in a tatting frenzy, I discovered Anne B’s tatted tardis pattern and made one for my WH? Well here is a link if you have forgotten, and a picture:

I had adapted the pattern to ‘fill in’ the bottom of the Tardis with more floating rings. Thanks to the internet, Anne B saw this adaptation and contacted me via intatters….she wanted to update her pattern to include this variation.  The updated pattern was published at her site on Thursday morning, and links back to onemadtatter. Anne B is also working on another variation of this pattern and it will be exciting to see that develop.

So pop across to Anne B’s site and have a look at the revised Tardis pattern, it is a great thing to practice split rings, floating rings and was my first attempt at a split chain too.

Thanks Anne for embracing this opportunity too, I look forward to more tatting adventures!

Happy tatting

Fiona T



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