What project size suits you?

In one of my more recent posts I was talking about scaling down the sizes of projects I was taking on in tatting, so I could improve my techniques and make more things. Last week one of the ladies from the tatting design class put up pictures on her blog of a tablecloth she had made:


It is lovely, and is quite a lot bigger than any piece I have undertaken. I am in awe. In reading Donata’s blog it sounds like she has made at least 2 of these. Perhaps I need to rethink what I define as a large project LOL.

The biggest thing I have made is a the Doily for last years Royal Melbourne Show, and that isn’t really that large by comparison. It has gotten me thinking…what is the biggest tatted project you have undertaken? What sized projects do you enjoy most? Why? Please share links and comments below.

Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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5 responses to “What project size suits you?

  1. I enjoy large projects! The largest I’ve made is a bed cover for a full size bed (unfortunately, pre-digital camera, so no picture of it) worked with size 5 worsted cotton yarn. The second largest is a table runner worked with size 10. I’ve made several large doilies (3 to 5 feet in diameter) in size 30 thread.
    Large projects are therapy for me, especially when I travel. I always have a large and a medium-size project going on at the same time. I don’t enjoy small projects at all but I recur to them to learn/practice a technique or to take part in fairs, exchanges, etc.

    • Another awe inspiring tatter Karen! A bed spread…amazing. I too like smaller projects to practice techniques. I’m the same with knitting though, small to medium projects that will get done over a few weeks, toys, hats & scarves. Thanks for commenting too, I love love love your you-tube channel, it is my first place go to for any technique I am not familiar with.

      • Thank you Fiona! Nothing to be amazed of. Anyone can do a bedspread – you just need time and patience. It was a Mary Konior pattern and each square took me a full hour. Because the thread was so thick It had a little over 200 squares. I would NEVER attempt something like that in a smaller size, LOL!!! And thanks for visiting my Youtube channel. 😉

  2. Shelly

    Hi Fiona, That is amazing. I am ready to try something larger too after seeing this post. I’d like more information on the design class you mention.

    • Hi Shelly,
      The tatting design class is run online by Sue and Gina, from intatters. I will email you the details to get in touch with Sue, or check intatters, or Georgia Seitz’s site for further datails.
      hope to see you there.
      Fiona T

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