New Shuttles and other updates

The weeks are getting busier and I have been working, studying and taking moments here and there to finish up my project for this year’s Royal Melbourne Show.  I also have 50 likers on the facebook OneMadTatter page, and after drawing 3 times the third winner got back to me! I have her craft parcel ready to post tomorrow, and when it gets to Canada (where the winner resides) I will pop up a photo of what it contained. Congratulations to our winner (whose name I haven’t sought permission to publish.) I hope the postal service works speedily!

I also bought some new shuttles from Olde Ways Craft shop on Etsy, River makes these very cute ‘thumb shuttles’ and I have been admiring them for quite a while. They come as a pair and I treated myself to the little case too (but Thanks tatting design ladies for the pattern). They arrived last week, and I love how smooth they are and how quick they are to use (they don’t get caught on the thread and make it easy to ‘slip and slide’). Being new they do take a little while to wind the thread on, but this is soon made up for in the tatting experience they deliver. As they don’t hold a lot of thread I was wondering which project I could try with them. While looking through my tatting books I came across a project I started nearly a year ago, and had not thought of for quite a while. It is the reason I joined the tatting designers class and there is not to much more test tatting I need to do for it. The thumb shuttles are the perfect size and I hope to get this project to the next stage soon, so I can share it with you all.

It has also got me thinking about shuttles. My first shuttle was a blue plastic clover, and it was the only shuttle I had for many years. Then I found an Aero style shuttle and the two bobbins I thought would be all I would ever need. Now my collection is growing and I am fast finding that each shuttle type works well for different projects. As I am getting more used to my EmsyJane shuttles I am finding the Aero style a bit more cumbersome, but I like the hooks on them and I also like that you can swap bobbins without having to finish a project. Perhaps one day there will be a combination shuttle made, where bobbin swapping is also an option. For now I think perhaps I have enough shuttles…until I see another unique style that is!

What is your favourite shuttle type? Do you like to swap them around for different projects?

As always,

Happy Tatting

Fiona T





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2 responses to “New Shuttles and other updates

  1. esoraleak

    I’ve been thinking about writing a post about shuttles. I recently started blogging ( — please visit!). I thought I liked Boye metal shuttles the best because of their weight, but lately I much prefer Aero because of the tiny crochet hook. I don’t like shuttles that do not have removable bobbins; their annoying to wind and the clicking sound is disruptive.

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