Tatting books that inspire.

I recently bought a tatting book in Russian called ‘Encyclopedia of Tatting”, on advice from some peers on ‘intatters’. Here is a link to the ebay listing for the book. I haven’t tatted anything from it yet, but am loving pouring over the  pictures and planning what I will make.  I have also enjoyed ‘figuring’ out the written patterns, which is pretty straight forward once I am in the right head space. This book (as with a few other tatting books) a great inspiration to me, with ideas of different uses for tatting and new shapes and ideas. There is one question I have though, if you have the book, as there seems to be one doily pattern missing: it is pictured at the beginning of section 3, but I can find no written pattern for this flower motif doily. Perhaps it will be a challenge piece for me to figure out after I have completed my show entry?

Another such book for me is A Tatters Workbook, it is a wonderful study of history and ideas for tatting. In the design class we have many discussions about shape and colour, and these books are both a great source of ideas for how to plan and design different sorts of tatted objects.

I wonder what your ‘inspiration’ book or blog may be?

Please share in the comments below, or on the facebook page.

As always,

Happy Tatting!

Fiona T



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5 responses to “Tatting books that inspire.

  1. My two faves are “Tatting with visual patterns” by Mary Konior and “Tatting theory and patterns” by Jan Stawasz. “Frivolite aux navettes” by Edwige Renaudin, which I recently acquired, is on its way to becoming a favorite as well!!

    • Thanks Karen, I will look out for all of those books. .
      By all accounts I think I should buy a copy of the Mary Konior book! Lots of people rave about it. Last night I tried my first pattern from the Russian book..and it worked out fine. I am also trying to work the doily that has no pattern and began it last night.

  2. Maureen

    I bought the Russian book too, because of the doily on the front cover! – I emailed the seller to ask her if she could give contact details for the author or publisher so that I could write and ask about the ommission of the pattern. She replied to say that she didn’t have any addresses for them.
    So – failing a Russian interpreter who can actually read the address given in the book, I suppose we just have to scan and enlarge the doily to count the stitches!

    • I know Maureen, I looked and looked for it in the book. I have only had the book for a couple of weeks so hadn’t gotten to the point of emailing the seller. Thanks for your experience here, I won’t waste any time trying that avenue.
      Last night I started to figure out the pattern, and have completed the first 2 rounds. I hope to blog about this and reveal my interpretation of the ‘pattern’ over the next few weeks. I have started with a 5 ring centre (the picture has 6 rings in the centre ‘flower’), as I am using #40 thread and 6 seemed like it wouldn’t sit flat as I worked it. Here is what I have worked out that ‘looks right’ for the first 2 rounds:
      Round 1: R1 6ds medium picot 6ds cl RW
      Chain: *6 p 6
      R2 6 ds join to top picot on R1 6ds cl rw**
      Repeat from * to ** until 5-6 rings completed. Join last chain to base of R1
      Round 2: R1 8ds, picot, 5ds, join to chain on rev round, 5ds, picot, 8ds, cl rw
      Chain 8 ds, picot, 8ds
      R2 8 ds, join to picot on R1, 10ds, picot, 8ds close
      Chain 8ds picot 8ds
      Repeat ring 1 and 2 and chains until you have made your way around the centre.
      I will write this up properly with photos as this doily emerges. I have written down most of the pattern, and it is only the flowers in the 4th round that I’m not sure about…so suggestions from the ‘collective consciousness of tatters’ most welcome.

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