Tatted Challenge Part 1

Last week I was lamenting the absence of written instructions for a pattern in the Russian publication: The Encyclopedia of Tatting. This week I did something about it, I began to work out the pattern! Thanks to those who commented last week, Maureen especially, we are now emailing and excited about working our this pattern.  This is a challenge I am relishing. I am putting my new designer skills to the test to interpret the photo and work out how the pattern will look and sit. I hope to be able to share this progress in the near future with you. Here is a picture of what I have completed so far:

It differs a little to the picture in the book, as it has 5 petals in the middle flower, not 6. Five seemed to sit better as I was tatting.

So, what started as an ‘I wonder where the pattern is’ has grown into a weekly challenge for me. I wonder what challenges in tatting (or other craft) you have taken on? Please share in the comments below.

Happy Fathers’ day to my dad, father in law and WH…and to all the Dads out there.

And happy tatting!

Fiona T



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7 responses to “Tatted Challenge Part 1

  1. Maureen

    When my copy arrived, two or three weeks ago, Ginny Weathers was staying with me, and both of us pored over the book, trying to see if the individual elements were included! – but as you say, no luck there either.
    Just at the moment I can’t tat-along with you – but I’m SO glad you’re taking on this challenge for all of us! Thank you!

    • Glad we had the same thought process here! I am happy to chip away at this challenge, please put your thinking cap on with those flowers, they look like they could be a ring surrounded by chains…but they may not be. Thanks for your encouragement.

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