Tatted Challenge Part 2

In the last 2 weeks I have managed to complete the third round of the doily I am working out from a picture, see posts here, and here for background information.

Here is a picture of the third round:I am quite pleased with how it is progressing. I still haven’t quite worked out which flowers will give the best spacing, and am trying some from a few different books to see what works best. I would like the center of the flower to be a different colour to the petals, and so far the Lynn Morton flower pattern like I used in this doily seem to look the best, but I only do the first 2 rounds and have modified the numbers of picots and chains to emulate the 5 petal flower in the doily I am re-creating. I will keep experimenting.

This week I also took my show entry for the ‘royal melbourne show’ in to be judged. The results will be published next Saturday and I hope to get to the show on Sunday to see all of the other wonderful entries. There were more entries in the tatting section this year than previous years, and it is great to see an increase of entries in this category. I will publish pictures of my entry in my next blog, I am quite proud of how my vision for this piece came together in the last few weeks (thanks to some of my students for their help too).

It was also great to here through intatters some movement on the ‘Norma Benporath Trove’ project. We are able to create and share visual diagrams of the old patterns on this site, and link them back to the Trove site. I am eager to make a visual diagram of the piece I test tatted last January, but wont have time until later this year to look at doing this, so hope someone else doesn’t beat me to it :D. Here is a link to Jon’s blog, as she has been working through test tatting many of the patterns and showing them on her blog,  and is also the one who has found out how we can share the visual diagrams with a wider community, thanks Jon for sharing and the wonderful work you are doing.

We are heading towards 75 likers on the facebook page, so I am stocking up for the next craft  random giveaway (all likers, old and new are in the draw). I am also planning a different type of giveaway when we reach 100 likers on facebook…so stay tuned for that one.

Thanks to all for your comments, emails and encouragement.

Until next time, happy tatting,

Fiona T




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2 responses to “Tatted Challenge Part 2

  1. Would you mind if I put a link to your site on my blog?

  2. Notewords, I don’t mind at all. Link away. When I next sit down to do my blog roll, I will add your to my blog too. Happy blogging!

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