Royal Melbourne Show: 3D Tatting meets Art Interpretation

Below is a picture of my show entry this year. It is a 3D interpretation of ‘Van Gogh’s Irises’. I used Linda Davies Irises pattern (from her book “Tatted flowers from bulbs”, and made them in size 40 lizbeth and size 40 mercerised cotton. The background I sourced from Creative commons (  and it is sectioned to give a context for this piece for those unfamiliar with this painting (Thanks Nell for the idea). I received a Commendation for this entry in the Royal Melbourne Show this year. I hope to get WH to take a better picture of it and will post it soon. I also want to frame this and pop it on my wall opposite our print of the painting.

The ‘One Mad Tatter’ facebook page now has 76 likers, and so I drew the random craft pack winner for the 75 likers milestone. The winner has been in contact and I am sending her craft pack to her this week. Congratulations Bobbie! All three winners so far have been international, and it is great to be making so many connections with tatters and crafty people both near and far. The next random draw will be at 100 likers, and I am planning something a little different for this draw, more details as we get closer.

Those who were following my other challenge (scroll down for the most recent picture,or click here for the first post about this idea), as I haven’t had much time on it, I am still in round 4, making and joining individual flowers.  It is slowly progressing, and I hope to have this round completed over the next few weeks to show you a picture.

As always, Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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