Playing with a Motif Pattern: Challenge accepted!

In the previous post I mentioned I have been playing with vintage motif patterns to use as pendants. For a while now I have been looking for a quick and easy to remember pattern that I can use to make gifts. I found this pattern in a recently acquired vintage book (DMC Tatting book reprinted 1987). I started by making plain coloured motifs (see previous post) and then tried two toned flowers (the red and black made for a dear friend). Then I wondered about adding beads, and used an equal number of beads to picots, but the visual effect was clumsy (see aboveright motif, and below left motif), so I tried just 5 seed beads instead and was much more pleased with the results.

My next thought was to try and have different coloured flowers in the center. This required two shuttles, and I also added a ball thread. After starting this I realised that the ball thread wasn’t required, and I could have done this using ‘branching encapsulation‘ (Thanks Sherry Pence…brilliant book). I could probably also reduce the number of picots on the outside chain, and the encapsulation technique results in stitches that aren’t as tight together as normal flipped stitches. That will be my next ‘tweak’ of this pattern, as I am really enjoying playing with it.

Do you have a favourite pattern?

Until next time,

Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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One response to “Playing with a Motif Pattern: Challenge accepted!

  1. Looking good! I particularly like the one with the two colours of flowers in the middle. It reminds me of — hearts! 🙂

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