January Tatting

Look what I got for Christmas! My own copy of Mary Konior’s ‘tatting with visual patterns’, and it was reasonably priced too, under Thirty Pounds including postage to Australia (from Tatting and Design in the UK)   I have enjoyed pouring over this book during my short summer holidays and have made a couple of the flower fragments too. Lovely diagrams that are easy to follow and adapt, I can see why this book is so sought after and cherished by tatters across the world.





I have also had time to pick up my personal ‘Russian doily‘ tatting challenge. I have finally finished the inside round of flowers, and am nearly done on the outer round of flowers. After this (and sewing in the ends) there is a chain round, and the final sixth round which is a decorative border. I like the effect of these little flowers, and I am using a number of bobbins in my aero style shuttles and am enjoying seeing a range of colours as I work.

I also made an effort to finish off the hankies I was making for my Mum. The blue one I did while I was overseas, long plane journey’s are great for tatting this type of thing. The pink one I had in my handbag (inside a snap lock bag), and worked on it at different times, often while waiting to pick up LT from school.

Last year I had such fun being involved in Jane’s TIAS (Tat it and see) challenge that I hope to be able to do it again. Here is a link to the TIAS website if you would like to be involved, it is starting this week!

Happy Tatting,

Fiona T






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