Da vinci, Planet Earth maths and tatting

This year I am returning to full time work, and my studies will become part time. I have been reflecting on the place of tatting in my life this year. I have already decided that I wont submit a show entry this year, instead I will work on smaller projects, like bookmarks and motifs to send to friends for birthdays, and a couple of hankies for my Mum. Other than TIAS, I probably wont do many challenges, or focus on learning new techniques. This year I will consolidate and practice what I know, working through the many books I have.  Perhaps I’ll get to work on the patterns I have in the pipelines to publish here on the blog, or diagram the Norma Benporath pattern for the TROVE project. Tatting will be a relaxing pursuit this year.

A few days ago I was reading a blog: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2013/01/23/3674843.htm, where the everyday use of math and calculus is outlined, essentially we use it so often people don’t realise they are using it everyday.  The comments are a good debate too. Just because we don’t sit down with paper, pen and a calculator doesn’t means we aren’t integrating calculus and numeracy into our lives. As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for examples of where we use math and science everyday to help students make real connections with their lived world. Also in this blog was a link to http://www.mope.org.au/, as 2013 is the ‘International year of Maths of Planet Earth’. It reminded me of the many conversations I have had with tatters (in the design class and on intatters) about the place of maths in tatting and design (beyong counting stitches, of course!). There was a challenge on intatters a while ago looking at ‘DaVinci tatting‘. This is too big a challenge for me this year, but it got me thinking about fractals and intricate designs in tatting. It would be good to do something with Math in this year…maybe I’ll add it to my pintrest board when I get a moment, as research of course 🙂

TIAS has been fun this year, and we are roughly half way through. I have to catch up on Day 6, but here are my pictures from day 2 to day 5:

My current guess is a hot air balloon….we will see!

What are your tatting plans for this year? Are you fascinated by maths and craft (if yes, please share in the comments)? Are you in TIAS this year (if yes, you can link to your blog in the comments too!)?

As always, Happy tatting

Fiona T





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2 responses to “Da vinci, Planet Earth maths and tatting

  1. Hi Fiona, There is a gal in Nova Scotia on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tattingforspirit?ref=stream she has been doing some fractal math tatting. I have seen a few pieces that are based on math equations, can make for some pretty patterns.
    Your TIAS is looking good.

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