TIAS 2013 and other thoughts

The last few weeks haven’t allowed much time for tatting, with my main focus on completing TIAS 2013. My completed pram is below, and it was once again great to be a part of. I liked guessing (even though I was wrong) and the guesses have given me ideas for future designs and possible projects too.

Tias 2013 finished pram

This week one of my dear friends gave me an apron (pictured below) that her great-grandmother made. It is fairly simple gingham fabric, jazzed up with lively braid and bold embroidery. I feel quite honoured that she thought to pass this to me, not just because of my love of all things purple, but that she has trusted me to use and look after this. It got me thinking about my box of treasures that my great aunts, and my Nana made. So this morning I have dug out the box and photographed these treasures to share with you all.

These 2 are from my Great Aunts, a guest towel with a shell embroidered and a small tatted doily. The doily is similar to those commercially made today, but is different enough that I think one of my Aunts handmade this, as opposed to buying it.

Here is an oval doily one of my Great Aunts made, that my Nana often used for her scone and biscuit trays. It looks very delicate in Ecru. I think the pattern for this is in the only vintage book that was passed through to me.

I must check with Mum as to the story here, I think Mum embroidered this table-cloth for her ‘glory box’ before she was married…it has come to me as it is purple!

These doilies and tray cloths were embroidered by my Nana, and then she crocheted the edges. As Nana got older her patience for craft waned, and embroidery was one of the few things that she still enjoyed doing. We (my sisters and I) would buy her the tray cloth/doily kits through out the year, and she would complete the pieces and give then back to us. Her stitching was always immaculate, even taking these photos I had to check which side was the ‘show’ side. These give me joy when I look at them, and I really should put them to use in my house again. I have hoarded a few new tray clothes, under the illusion that I will embroider them and tat edges for gifts….one day I might.

So there are a few of the treasures I hang on to from one side of my family. I know my Great Aunts on my dad’s side of the family were brilliant seamstresses too, but I don’t know what has happened to the lovely dolls clothes and linen they made. Possibly they are in cupboards somewhere with my cousin’s families and will resurface one day to be enjoyed too. I wonder what some of your family treasures are, and if you pack them away or enjoy using them?

Until next week

Fiona T



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2 responses to “TIAS 2013 and other thoughts

  1. Shelly

    Wonderful pieces. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. I too completed the 2013 TIAS. This was my first ever mystery tat-a-long and I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to see everyone’s comments as we went along.

    • Thanks Shelly, TIAS is great fun to be part of, the fact it is a guessing game and time to try some different techniques makes it all the more fun for tatters at all skill levels. I am finding lots of challenges through in tatters and on blogs, I just don’t have time to complete them all.

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