Lots of little projects and some new inspiration from books.

In the last few years I have been quite focused on my ‘big project’ for the Melbourne Show, and this year I am probably not entering this competition. As a result,  I feel a bit disorganised with my tatting as I have begun several small projects, put them down and then found a new project to start. I did manage to finish the Russian Doily, but have yet to block this.  Rounds 5 and 6 of this doily were very quick to do. I really like this doily, and think it is very pretty, see below for the photo.

In one way this disorganisation has been liberating, as I have been trawling ebay and blogs and bought quite a few new tatting books. Each time a new book arrives, I pour over it and can begin trying patterns I like.

By attempting the Russian Doily from a picture, I have found a new confidence in looking at, and adapting, patterns to my own purposes. For example, the Phyllis Sparks book ‘Practical Tatting’ has a number of beautiful edging patterns. I have adapted one edging into a brooch for a friend. The picture below shows these lovely brooches. I think the flowers are a little top heavy, so I will mount them onto felt and reattach them to the brooch finding, before giving them to my friend. 

The ‘tatting 2000’ Ring of tatters book also gave rise to the mauve and green motifs below, which are a 2 colour adaptation of Gill’s Motif 2, from page 58. These will also make lovely brooches, pendants or embellishments, and could be joined easily into a small doily. This pretty motif is designed to be made in one pass. I am getting to the point with my tatting that I really prefer to make motifs that can be made in ‘one pass’ and don’t need to be cut and tied in smaller segments. There is a movement in the tatting world to re-work older patterns to incorporate split rings (and similar cleverness) to make small items in one pass…and I am becoming a huge fan of this movement. The tatters who can visualise and re-design these patterns are remarkable and inspiring.

Speaking of remarkable and inspiring, below are 2 bookmarks. On the left is a lovely bookmark from Julie Patterson’s 2006 publication ‘Just Marking Tome’. Made in one pass using split-rings, this pattern has an adaptation I hope to make next. I have found Julie’s patterns to be both remarkable and inspiring as she produced these when she was editor of the ‘Tatter’s Guild of Australia,  NSW branch, inc’ newsletter, designing to share with other members. Having dabbled in design I know how much goes into thinking of, designing, test tatting, tweaking and diagramming these patterns. I have a few patterns I am working on, and they are a labour of love. I have made many of Julie’s patterns recently for friend’s birthday gifts, and her work is lovely, making simple yet visually stunning items.

Perhaps less remarkable, pictured on the right, is a simple 5 x5 bookmark I made. It is called 5×5 because that is the pattern, all rings are 5ds-5ds-5ds cl, and the chains are 5ds-5ds (- = picot). It is a good beginners pattern and forms a mediation for me sometimes as I don’t have to check a pattern/diagram. Such a simple pattern can also be used to practice adding beads to rings and chains.

If you haven’t already, pop over and like the facebook page, we are getting closer to 150 likers. When we get there, I will be running a giveaway.

Happy tatting,

Fiona T


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