Shhh…I’m making Dragons!

This week I got confirmation of my membership of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Tatting Guild. I am excited to be part of this guild and hope that, in time, I will be able to attend some meetings and contribute to this group.  Thanks for the welcome in the news letter!

This week I also completed my first Dragon, made from Anne B’s Dragon pattern. I made it for my sister, in dark green size 40 Milford Mercerised Cotton, and Mocha Brown Medium Lisbeth size 40. Thanks Anne B, once again a beautifully diagrammed and easy to follow pattern.

Khalessi's Dragon

I had put off making this pattern for a long time as it uses SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Rings) and I hadn’t mastered these yet. Watching Game of Thrones recently spurred me to action, as I really wanted to make a ‘correctly coloured’ Dragon for my sister. This one replicates the green and bronze dragon described in the books…but I feel a thread purchase looming as I try to get closer matches for colours. I now feel very confident with SSSR and look forward to making more of the dragon bookmarks for friends and family. The wings were a little tricky, and I had to cut away the first try as I had the chains facing the wrong way.

I recall learning split rings to make Jane’s Sea Horses, and learning beading for a doily for the show. I wonder what patterns have you tried or learned a new technique for? Please leave your comments below.

Until next time, happy tatting!

Fiona T



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13 responses to “Shhh…I’m making Dragons!

  1. Oh you managed to make wing in to colors!!! I as trying that for to days and finally gave up.

    Your dragon looks fantastic.

    • I used two shuttles, wound with different colours. The effect is nice, I have started another one in variegated thread too. Thanks for your comment.

  2. That is a very nice dragon.
    Congrats on the membership for the tatting guild

  3. I learned split rings to make Anne’s dragon (in truth, I learned how to tat to make Anne’s dragon). I learned how to attach edging to tulle for Jessica’s mini-veil pattern. I learned hairpin lace for Martha Ess’ Hairpin lace and tatted angel. I’m learning Catherine wheel join for one of Dale’s snowflakes. I’ve learned various bead adding techniques for several different patterns. I love it when patterns make me learn a new technique.

    • 🙂 Yes Natalie, having a cool pattern to work towards can inspire learning. I think the key is to learn one new technique at a time and feel like you are mastering it. Well done on all that learning too…Catherine wheel joins are still a mystery to me, however I learned to read crochet patterns last week and this gives me hope that no craft technique is beyond me 🙂

  4. Shelly

    I like the two colors as well. I used tone on tone thread so there were darker and lighter areas on my dragon.

    I am now tatting Pam Palmer’s dragon. It is done in parts so the wings and body are one shade of orange, the belly a lighter shade and the fire from his mouth another.

    thank you for sharing your photo. It is lovely.


    • That sounds like a nice pattern too Shelly. Love the idea of it breathing fire. Do you have a link to pictures of your finished dragons? Would be lovely to see them!

  5. I also learned the SSSR technique with Anne’s dragons. A great way to learn! I am struggling with Catherine Wheel Joins, needed for one of Marilee Rockley’s patterns.

    • I haven’t tried Catherine Wheel joins…I think they were an option in TIAS this year, but I just did the lock join instead. Catherine wheels are on my list (who knew a knot could have so many techniques associated with it!)…Good luck, I’d like to see how it goes, feel free to link your blog here!

  6. I, too, used this pattern to learn the SSSR! It’s such a beautiful dragon, and a well-done pattern. I recently re-learned the split chain in order to tat Rachael Mohler’s Hen n Chicks Square. A charming pattern has often been my motivation for learning a new technique.

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