The Mad Tatter’s Tea Party at the Craftea Society.

This week I had the pleasure of displaying and teaching tatting at the Craftea Society…a group of colleagues from my workplace who meet once a month in lunchtime to share craft, have their lunch, a cuppa and a chat. I must admit that this week there was no tea drinking as all fingers were busy with shuttles and thread.

This tatting session went much more smoothly than the previous session last year. I had shuttles prepared with coloured thread and a different colour for the ball thread, to help with the visualization of the ellusive ‘flip’.  I was also able to sit between them so everyone could see my demonstrations at the same time and I could see what they were up to too. There were 3 avid tatters to be, who enthusiastically took up the shuttles. We had several breakthrough moments, like when it was realised that they are ‘just knots’ and that the way to hold your shuttle hand is ‘like a drinking tea pose’. The keen tatter from last year’s session was concentrating on ‘leveling up’ to flip both halves of the double stitch (the second half was being stubborn). There was much chatter and I think a good time was had by all. I know I found it fun and refreshing. I also relished the opportunity to meet more people who work here and put faces to names I usually only see on emails. After the hour everyone back to work with a copy of instructions and a list of tatting sites that may help them when they get stuck.

Thanks for welcoming me Craftea Society. I hope to visit and craft with you again soon…maybe I’ll get someone to teach me how to read crochet patterns 🙂

Until next time,

Happy tatting

Fiona T


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  1. Success! Wonderful! Yay for you, teaching a group is tough stuff!

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