Across the world: Intatters’ August exchange 2013

I do enjoy being part of the international tatting community (in case you hadn’t already guessed). I was able to take part in a recent exchange through the Intatters community and sent off my little parcel to the US a few weeks ago. It included the few tatted pieces below and some thread (international postage is the only enemy here arrrgh).


I was overjoyed when I received my parcel from my exchange partner in the US, with these beautiful items (including a finely beaded dragon and gorgeous bookmark made in #80 thread). There was also lovely vintage thread, a cute pansy button and some celtic shuttles too. Thanks to my exchange partner (I haven’t asked for permission to share her name here…so I wont), I have been showing everyone here the lovely things you have sent. Have you been part of exchanges? How else do you share your crafts with others?

Until next time, Happy tatting

Fiona T




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5 responses to “Across the world: Intatters’ August exchange 2013

  1. I participated in my first tatting exchange recently (InTatters “Few of My Favorite Things…”) and it was a blast. The only other exchange I participate in is a yearly mix cd exchange with fellow writers for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Exchanges are a blast. There is always a lot of anticipation and hoping that the people you send stuff to like it and that you like what you are sent.

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