Preparing for the Royal Melbourne Show

Well, I wasn’t going to enter the show this year, but at the last minute I decided to 🙂

Today I need to finish off the presentation board for an entry I hope will be educative about tatting to the general public, by showing a range of tatting designs and techniques.

I will publish a ‘virtual’ entry too, on this blog for those of you who wont see the entry at the show…so that will be up next week or so.

Until then, here is a link to a previous post about what I have learned (through trail and error) about what the show judges are looking for…this is my best guess really as there isn’t much of this information published anywhere (I know there is an American version in Georgia’s site, but have no idea if this is actually transferable to my local competitions.)  So, if you judge shows in Australia perhaps you have something to add?

Show judges are looking for

Happy tatting

Fiona T


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