Blue doily finished, red one started and inspiration from a book.

I finished the blue doily last night and sewed in the ends. It still needs to be blocked, but is sitting flat really well.

I liked this pattern so much that I have started one for my sister in law- her lounge room colours are red and gold, so the doily will be red with gold thread for the zig zag part. I hope it will look great. Here is the start of it:

I had a look through my stash of tatting books today and came across this one I got as a free gift from Crochet Australia.

This is an Italian book and has written instructions in Italian on how to tat, and aside from this it has photos and diagramed patterns. I have made a couple of medallions from this book, and like the simplicity of design and presentation. It inspires me to get on with my designing and keep it simple. I often get caught up with the written pattern or playing around with the diagramming and this delays me to the point where I have hardly shared any patterns as I don’t feel they are at publishing standard. So, perhaps my new years resolution is to push forward with annotating photos of my work in order to share more with you all this year.

Until next time, happy tatting!
Fiona T



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6 responses to “Blue doily finished, red one started and inspiration from a book.

  1. Your mat looks lovely, the red one will look great with the gold in it as well, look forward to seeing it as you tat it.

  2. littletacker6

    Good job 😀 that looks very nice (by “very nice” i mean AWSOME!!!).

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  4. bjulia4726

    Your blue vintage doily is just beautiful, and it definitely has a very vintage look to it. I have no idea which on would be my favorite as there are just so many beautiful one out there…

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