Pop-a-bobbin excitement

I was very lucky a couple of weeks ago to be successful in purchasing the last pop-a-bobbin in Jane’s etsy store. I had heard many tatters tales of having the shuttle in their cart only to miss out by seconds when sorting out the online payment. I honestly thought the same would happen to me. I was very excited when the sale was confirmed.

My pop-a-bobbin shuttle arrived yesterday, taking only 12 days to get to me in Australia from Jane in the UK. Not bad at all! Now, I fully intended on waiting until my birthday in May to open it- but this shuttle just couldn’t wait! I just took it out to feel and admire it, and somehow it wound itself with some lovely Altin Basak green thread. Then one of my vintage books (paragon 112) sprang open to a pretty occaisional doily. So, how could I not start making something? I would hate for the shuttle to have come all that way, so quickly, and have to sit in a box! The doily is tatting up quickly.

And I quite like my new shuttle. It is much daintier than it looks in the picture. It is well weighted and I’m getting used to it’s rhythm. I’ve only ever worked with plastic and ceramic shuttles before. Thanks Jane and ‘I’m in the garage’, I’m very glad to finally have one of these lovely shuttles in my collection.
Until next time
Happy tatting
Fiona T



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5 responses to “Pop-a-bobbin excitement

  1. I too was lucky a couple of weeks ago to be sent a wooden shuttle, like you I have always used plastic. Unfortunately I have not used it yet so hopefully as soon as my hand gets better I will. I have seen Jane’s shuttles or rather “in the garage” but never brought one yet, thanks for giving a write up about it.

    • Oh Margaret, I do hope your hand gets better soon, and you get to play with your new shuttle. I honestly thought it would take 3 weeks at least for the shuttle to get here, so it was a great surprise.

  2. it’s lovely to work with special tools, Is it like a vintage one?
    very pretty green too.

    • Yes, new accessories are always fun Marina 🙂 The shuttle is a hand made wooden one, they are available in batches over the year and highly sought after world wide. Though it is pricey (compared to plastic shuttles) they are very well made and lovely to work with – the vintage ones can be ridiculous prices. Re: the green thread – I recently began to buy colours I wouldn’t normally, and this was one of them, along with the blue for the doily a couple of posts ago. I love these new (to me) colours.

  3. Jen

    Eagerly awaiting mine too! Good news yours is here already! Looks great. Agree such a shame to travel so far and sit in a box!!

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