New book arrived.

Well, new for me. ‘ The tatters treasure chest’ is actually an old book, and contains reprints of tatting patterns from the 1920’s to 1950’s. It was with some hesitation that I bought this on ebay, as many of the vintage books I have bought recently have repeated patterns. This book does have some repeats, but enough different patterns so I don’t feel I have wasted my money.

I wonder what pattern book has surprised you with unexpectedly wonderful patterns….
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T



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3 responses to “New book arrived.

  1. Snap, I brought this book that arrived at the end of January, along with Jan’s new book arriving together. Until my hand deciedes to get better I have not tatted anything from them, I have been looking at the patterns but I think it was Jan’s books that surprised me a lot. I did enjoy tatting a few bits from Jan’s second book so I can’t wait to get going tatting some new patterns from these books. I have no idea what pattern would be first you will just have to wait to see what I tat.

    • Oh Margaret, I hope your hand is better soon. I too enjoy pouring over the patterns and trying to prioritise them. Some thing about the anticipation of finding the right thread and pattern together is just really exciting!

  2. This compilation of old patterns was a new publication in 1990, just when I was learning to tat, and in fact was one of my first books back then. You could find it in LeeWards stores (predecessor of Michaels), along with some tatting threads and shuttles, which was lucky for me at the time, as I had no other source. It is a wonderful overview of the classic type of tatting that was done for several decades and is still attractive. I still marvel at the ingenuity and skill of the tatters and designers, especially when they would add deep corners to linens or handkerchiefs, or do inserts in placemats. And there is a treasure trove of innovative patterns in the edgings section. I also love the baby bonnet, which would look great over a lining, although I admit I’m too chicken to try to read the pattern. Of course, the patterns are written in the old style, which can be a little daunting, but that style was considered very efficient for years. (Fortunately, we have newer methods today.) I was able to do the edging patterns easily enough, however. This book kept me going until I found a tatting group (a miracle in itself!) and was introduced to a gal who owned a needlework shop and had access to many more tatting books and accessories that were otherwise difficult to find.

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