Knitting a Kina

After a knitting hiatus of 6 years, here is the beginning of a kina jacket on circular needles (that I haven’t ever used before)…. I wonder how long it will take me to finish? 
I found the pattern through Retro mummy, and love the look of this, and the lack of seams. The wool is from ‘ unwind craft café’ in Keilor, and is lovely bendigo woollen mills 8 ply.


I do still have several tatting projects on the go too…will update you all as I progress with each project.
Happy….um…knitting and tatting!
Fiona T



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5 responses to “Knitting a Kina

  1. Skunklady

    Beautiful yarn. Enjoy the project.

  2. what a beautiful colour, I have never used the circular needles before either. Always seemed hard but looks like you are doing well.
    Looked up the cafe looks very interesting. I love bendigo wool and they do stitching too! Might be an excursion for some crafty friends to do?

  3. I look forward to seeing how your knitting goes and look forward to seeing your jacket at the end. Circular knitting needles are not hard to use. I am sure you will find it knits up quickly as you have no seams.

  4. pmdtatter

    Well, well, well … A new multi-crafter is born! I have been doing a lot of peculiar knitting lately. I suppose I should post some pictures of a baby blanket made of a yarn that is small pom-poms with spaces of cord that is knitted with size 3 needles.

    Welcome to the circular world! I have a lot of trouble with large projects on sticks. When all the weight is at the end of the needle, my shoulders ache. But with circular needles, the weight is always supported in my lap, so I am not really hurting my shoulders. Don’t get old, it gets very interesting.

    I even have a way of starting knit doilies on a circular needle! That was a revelation!

    Circular forever!!! Even knit 2 socks at a time on short circulars. It’s a whole new world.

    Otherwise known as PattyD

    • 🙂 PattyD…. I have been crafting since I was a child, sewing, patchwork and knitting. I first tried to tat as a teen. It is only recently I have conquered crochet, so the ‘ birth’ of being a feaster has been slow and steady. As I had not used circular needles before, I thought I was using then wrong got a while. Youtube helped me see that these were chosen as the project is large, not necessarily circular. Now socks….thats one for my list I think.

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