Two vintage doilies in progress

So, work on the kina is intermittent, depending on the concentration level I have each day. I have tried to craft each night, and so have continued working on the red and gold version of Anne Orr’s ’round doily set’ for my sister in law. I am not convinced the colours are working, but will soldier on and see what it loks like at the end. The purple doily is the same pattern as the recent green doily, the occaisional doily from paragon tatting patterns book 112. Both are quite relaxing to do.
I also noticed the facebook page is over 200 likes, so will try and have a giveaway soon. Stay tuned!


Until next time, happy crafting!
Fiona T



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3 responses to “Two vintage doilies in progress

  1. bjulia4726

    Looking good..! I would like to see more tatting in a rectangle shape.

  2. Love the pattern on the red center!

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