Re-learning split chains

I decided to make this pretty doily for my sister, from the Anchor “learn to tat” book.


It is not the normal round shape, which I find appealing. It is also pretty simple rings and chains, but I have been putting off making it as there are so many “cut and tie” endings to each row (17 rows in all). I thought it would be a good opportunity to relearn split chains (my only previous attempt of these have been for the tardis pattern). So I have been watching  ‘top tatty head‘ (Linda Davies you tube) and practising the split chain to climb poor of the last couple of rows. I am pleased to report I am getting better at them and can almost do them without the video by my side! I do have to think through each row, as I am starting at a slightly different point to the instructions, but so far so good.
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T



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6 responses to “Re-learning split chains

  1. what a lovely design, sounds like you will be an expert at this technique by the end of this doily.

  2. Oh for fun, what a pretty doily and yes, you will be a expert in not only split chains, but is translating a pattern to allow for them. Congratulations!

  3. TallyTatty

    Thank you for the tip, Fiona. I tried split chains several times, and I did not succeed. It can come in handy in Renulek’s doily as well, and as Carollyn showed: it can help so that you don’t have to sew in the ends. Gosh, I still have so much to learn!!

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