Anchor doily progress….last few rows!

I am getting to the last few rows of this doily, completing row 15 now. My sister, who I am making it for, loves her figgio lotte crockery, so that is what inspired my colour choice here. I have attached the photo below of one of her cups.


and here is a photo of the doily in progress, it will need to be blocked at the end as it is very ruffly. I am pleased at how the colours contrast.


This doily is from the Anchor Learn to tat book published in 1990. It is an advanced beginner pattern, as there is lots of counting within rows to make sure the angles work for the final edges. I have used a safety pin to help mark the rows and keep track of repeats….and have only had to retro tat a few sections. Hopefully it will be finished by next weekend. Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T



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3 responses to “Anchor doily progress….last few rows!

  1. Barbara G

    Very nice way to choose your colors. Matches pretty good to.

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