Anchor Doily Finished and Blocked.

I have just finished the Anchor Doily (pg 14 of the Anchor Learn to Tat Book) for my sister’s birthday tomorrow. I have sewn in the last ends, which was much easier as there were very few. My reworking of this pattern in three colours, using split chains and split rings has been a successful design challenge.


Here it is, blocked and drying so it should be ready to wrap tomorrow.
And here it is ready to wrap!
I am always happy when I finish a project, and hopeful that the recipient will be happy too!
As always, happy tatting
Fiona T



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9 responses to “Anchor Doily Finished and Blocked.

  1. Lovely, looks a lovely piece of tatting, I was planning on re tatting this mat again, this was the first piece I ever tatted, to compare my tatting over the !!years.
    I love the way you did it in two colours, I am sure who ever receives it will enjoy.

  2. Kathleen Minniti

    Nicely done! I like the color combo a lot. I’m sure your sister will love it. 😀

  3. Nice Color and it blocked so nicely, a true family treasure.

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