Another Library Addition…from a library.

I managed to ‘win’ this Mary Konior book in a recent ebay search. It isn’t one of her more popular books, but as an ex-library copy it is a hardcover in great condition, and not too expensive either.


It has a nice history of tatting, a how to attach to edging and lots of ideas and patterns. I look forward to delving into this book further.
As always, happy tatting
Fiona T



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5 responses to “Another Library Addition…from a library.

  1. Barbara G

    I have that book also, but I didn’t get it free…;-(

    • LOL Barbara, I didn’t get it for free either…But it wasn’t a ridiculous price, around $40. I wish someone would unknowingly give away these books, without seeing the ridiculous prices on Amazon etc…

  2. I brought this book when it was first published, I have always enjoyed all her books, I am sure you will find some lovely patterns, and will enjoy the book for many years to come

    • I did enjoy leafing through it yesterday, and the history of the word tatting is interesting too. The patterns look complex, as they are written in the old style. The helpful annotations ‘ring A’ etc are not added to the pictures of the work, so I think there will be a bit of forward planning for any projects from this book. It is one of those books that will cross reference well within my collection though. 🙂

  3. Kathleen Minniti

    Congratulations on the great find! I’ll be looking in my own library to see if they have a copy of this one now. ;D

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