Minecraft Blocks- bookmark

My family is really excited about Minecraft. My son has been playing for a long time, mostly with my Husband. Recently we figured out the screen settings so that I could play without getting dizzy – and now I love it too. For those not familiar with this ‘game space’ it is kind of like digital lego- you can dig up resources and make your own everything 🙂 For more information on adjusting settings in minecraft, see the apps for Aussie Kids blog.

On the recent school holidays my Son and I began to draw and plan some Minecraft inspired bookmarks that could be tatted (thanks to Julie Patterson for that idea- getting my son involved in my craft, and I in his minecraft, has been great). He also tried his hand at shuttle tatting- and can do the double stitch 🙂 I have been working on tatting these bookmarks up and writing up the diagram for the pattern. At this stage I have only diagrammed the pattern- if there is enough interest I may write it up in notation too. Here is a link to the PDF version of the pattern diagram (The pictures and diagram will be much clearer on the PDF attached than the images here on the blog).  It is made using 2 shuttles wound CTM to make 25 x 8/8 split rings in blocks of 5 x5 rings.Minecraft Blocks Bookmarks – By One Mad Tatter and Diamond HikerMC ©2014 Diagonal Mincreft bookmark clean copyminecraft bookmark clean   Minecraft tatted bookmarkSo I hope you enjoy making these for any Minecrafters you know. I would love to see any blocks/bookmarks you create. Feel free to link them in the comments, on the Facebook page or in InTatters/Craftree.

As always, Happy tatting minecrafting 🙂

Fiona T




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2 responses to “Minecraft Blocks- bookmark

  1. kixty9

    These bookmarks does not appears to be Minecraft-related.

    • I’m sorry you can’t see that these relate to different blocks you can mine in the minecraft game. Craft representations are often limited by the materials at hand and the craft techniques used. Did you down load the pdf linked here, it has pictures of the finished book marks that may not appear if you look at this blog on a mobile device.

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