Book Review- New Tatting


Last week I succumbed to peer pressure. The tatting folk on facebook were talking about some great books, recommending this one amongst others 🙂 . I decided to buy this English Translation of the lovely Japanese book ‘New Tatting’ by Tomoko Morimoto. It arrived today and I spent some time this afternoon just pouring over the beautiful presentation, delicate designs and simple to follow diagrams. This book would be perfect for a beginner tatter, as it has clear photographs and worded instructions for learning the double stitch, right up to split rings and adding beads. Tomoko Morimoto’s attention to detail, for instance different types of joins and how to decide when to use them would be empowering for the beginning tatter- it definitely made the effects clearer to me.

Something else I like about this book is the voice that is used by the author, I felt like I was invited into her world of lace and design by reading this book. I think I would also love to visit Japan one day and see the Lace School in Tokyo 😉

Oh, I can’t wait any longer- I’m going to find some shuttles and try a new pattern!
Happy Tatting
Fiona T



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3 responses to “Book Review- New Tatting

  1. Barbara G

    I also have this book, and even though I’m not a beginner, I still need help with the split rings. I also find it to be a very well written book, and very clear reading.

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