Tatting on a plane

I am a big fan of tatting in public, unfortunately mostly the only public place I am is at my son’s school. When I do travel further afield, my shuttles join me. In 2012 I flew from Australia to the UK, and found out I was able to take my shuttles (clovers with a pick), a thread cutter ( I got small square ones, very light- I think they are clover too) and a couple of hankerchiefs to edge. As I was only travelling with carry on luggage, I knew I couldn’t take scissors or needles.


Here is a picture of me ready to tat on the plane. I was able to complete one handkerchief in the 10 day return trip- pretty pleased with that!
Since then, I have travelled within Australia, and was able to take my aero style shuttles with a small hook. This definitely sped up making the joins!
Have you done any travel tatting?
Until next time, happy tatting
Fiona T



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5 responses to “Tatting on a plane

  1. I am leaving the UK tomorrow to Greece, but I won’t be taking the tatting with me in the plane, it will be packed in my suitcase. I am using the airport be used for the NATO summit so security is going to be so tight, I will be tatting on holiday.
    Well done for tatting on the plane,

  2. Great chance to tat in public. Thanks for sharing, Last week I took my shuttles to a medical appointment for my mom. Working away on mofits for the big D I looked up and caught a man staring.

  3. Sparkling Light

    I am a needle tatter and never thought about not being able to bring them on the plane! I better learn how to tat with a shuttle before my next big trip! đŸ™‚

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