Crowd Sourcing Craft- Neural Knitworks

National Science week has just passed. It was great to see that the media got on board this year and promoted a number of interesting and challenging science week activities. Way back in April I heard about the Neural Knitworks project– which encouraged people to knit, crochet or craft neurons together. These Neurons could be sent in to be put on display as a huge Neural network as part of science week.

I really like the idea of community projects, and the idea that were are learning, crafting and working together for science- well I am in my element. I shared the project with my own students, and we had a couple of Neurons crafted and contributed to our display in our Science Room Foyer.

I wonder- have you been involved in crafty community projects? It would be great to hear about it!

As always, happy tatting,

Fiona T


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2 responses to “Crowd Sourcing Craft- Neural Knitworks

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