Tatting Blue for Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Thanks to Michelle, over at Living with Bob (Dysautonomia) for raising awareness about this invisible Chronic Illness. I share this ‘diagnosis’, and while I am on good drugs now (that don’t work for everyone unfortunately) when I was first sick it was my tatting that gave me a link to the online world and ongoing projects that could keep my mind and spirits up. I had come to the point in my illness where I realised I would feel ill whether I went about my day, or stayed in bed. Since I was mobile (and with a toddler) I decided I would try to have an outing each day and work for 10-20 minutes on my craft each day too. Of course I also needed naps, family and friends to help me when I couldn’t get out, and flexible arrangements just in case I was having a bad patch. Having a plan and a goal, like building up to tatting a show entry, gave me a focus and purpose.

Over the last 6 years I have found the ‘good drugs’ that keep me upright and moving forward, with only a few bad patches. I am working and studying again, and am able to balance my life to maintain my current health mostly successfully (dizziness and hot flushes are part of a normal day for me- but I am thankful that the constant nausea and gastric issues are settled for most of the time).

My craft contribution to the ‘going blue for dysautonomia month’ is the doily I finished late last year – it took around 2 months to complete. I now have it in my office at work, and it brightens my day 🙂

wpid-2014-01-04-18.41.48.jpgMichelle is also raising money for research in her “clicking my heels for Dysautonomia” fundraising – she is wearing her sparkly Dorothy shoes to all medial appointments. I have never met Michelle but have followed her blog for a couple of years now, I have found her posts witty and often inspirational. If you would like to find out more about the various forms Dysautonomia can take, head over to her blog: http://bobisdysautonomia.blogspot.com.au/. If you would like to donate money to her fundraising effort, here is the link:   https://give.everydayhero.com/au/clicking-my-heels-for-dysautonomia

I wonder if you have found your craft has helped you in a positive way?

As always, happy tatting

Fiona T




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2 responses to “Tatting Blue for Dysautonomia Awareness Month

  1. Barbara G

    It looks just gorgeous..! I like to follow what you do, as it keeps me inspired…

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