Sharon’s Tatted Lace blog link and thoughts

Sharon’s Tatted Lace: Snowflakes for Christmas.

via Sharon’s Tatted Lace: Snowflakes for Christmas.

I have just found this blog linked from Facebook, it is a great beginner pattern for snowflakes. I really like how Sharon set this post up, with the beginner tatter in mind. I also like her ‘plan’ that she shares to motivate people to begin working towards having a lacy tree at Christmas. She breaks this task down so nicely, I just had to share with you all. You see, Sharon’s simple start of ‘chipping away’ at a small task each day and then increasing this (you really must read her blog) is really how I work out my whole life – from writing lectures, conference papers, tatting patterns and projects, and even my PhD, all these are planned and developed over weeks.

I can’t sit and write a whole conference paper in one sitting- in fact I think it would be too rushed and not show the development of ideas in the best possible way. It is the same with tatting – I am never going to have full days to tat a whole doily in one sitting (unless I am on a plane…even then a doily or full hanky edge is not a single sitting item). So, as a craft, tatting suits me just fine. I do what Sharon suggests, a little work, often. This way over the year I complete many projects and keep the interest and momentum for my craft and all of the other things I do over a week.

I wonder, is this what works for you with your craft? What ways do you manage to ‘fit’ everything?

Until next time, Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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4 responses to “Sharon’s Tatted Lace blog link and thoughts

  1. Thanks for the link — I love the snowflakes! I tend not to be very good at consistently doing a little bit at a time, so my general strategy for larger projects is to get everything I need in one spot and strictly limit myself on how many projects I can have going. That way when I have time to work on one, I have everything ready, and when I want to start a new one, I’m motivated to go work on the old ones to make room for it. This does mean that some projects sit for weeks or months without work, while others get more attention, but I think in the end it works out.

  2. Thanks! Very interesting.

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