Space dyed classic doily (In mauve)- Morimoto

Updated 7 Dec 2014- I have now heard from Tracy W. Congratulations Tracy- I will send the craft pack to you ASAP this week.I’m still waiting to hear from one of the 3 craft pack winners from the blog- Winnie, Tracy Winsor or Helen. The first of you three ladies to get in touch with me (Through FB or Craftsy) will get the pack. If I don’t hear soon, I will redraw…

Here is a photo of the beginning of Morimoto’s Space Dyed Doily. It is made in Lizbeth size 40 – Scottish Thistle and Light Mauve.


I started this doily quite a while ago now, and was ready to add row 5. The blocker was that the 8 little motifs needed their ends sewn, as row 5 connects row 4 and these motifs. As I am in ‘recovery’ mode from attending an interstate conference last week, I took some time in the afternoon to sew in those pesky ends. In the evening I was able to concentrate enough to work out row 5, and completed it in approx 1.5 hours. Morimoto’s patterns are lovely, and look to be at beginner level. This one was slightly more advanced, as the usual RW after a chain was not followed. If I was to make this doily again, I would use 2 shuttles, wound CTM (Continuous Thread Method), rather than the recommended shuttle and ball CTM. This would make the rings sit easier as they would be ‘thrown’ rings, rather than shuttle rings (I felt like I was twisting the thread where it wouldn’t naturally want to go). Below is a picture of the finished row 5, attaching row 4 and the motifs.


Today I will begin to add in motif B, attaching to row 5 and the motifs already attached. Hopefully I will complete this doily this week. I often talk about ‘blockers’ and avoided a number of doilies that are made mostly of motifs, as I know I put off sewing in the ends. I wonder what some of your ‘craft’ blockers are?

Until next time, Happy Tatting 🙂
Fiona T


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