Slow progress, but I got distracted!


Here is my progress so far on the Space dyed doily from Morimoto’s pattern. I said in my last post that it would be about a week when I would be finished. For long time followers of my blog, it may not be surprising that I got distracted!  I’m sure you will agree- I had good reason. Liyarra had kindly sent me a Milward Shuttle!  My very first one ever…So I had to test it out straight away. Thanks so much Liyarra- your kindness will be paid forward 🙂


I found a vintage pattern that had a Milward Shuttle advertised in the same book, and decided to use this thread from my stash. The hem-stiched triangle was also from my stash, bought a long time ago, I recall that my Mum had a triangle plate, so set to crocheting and tatting this for her. I’m glad I have learned to crochet, as I can now add single crochet around the shape of the doily and then tat onto it. Many knowledgeable people on the tatting forums say that the tatting will outlast the cloth, so this option allows the tatting to be removed from the cloth and reattached to another cloth cut to the same size.


Starting to take shape- this is how far I got on the first night. The shuttle was lovely to work with- light and smooth. image

Over a few days I made quick progress. The corners were a little tricky, as they aren’t 90 degrees like on a hanky. I think I figured out a good solution- without any retro tatting! Yay 🙂 image

So yesterday I finished this off. I think I like doing edgings- they are much quicker than whole doilies.


It’s also a lovely time in the garden at the moment- here are my purple tiger roses in full bloom. There are about 12 flowers here, and they smell divine.


So- back to the space dyed doily…I hope to have it finished soon to show you.

Until next time, happy tatting 🙂
Fiona T



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3 responses to “Slow progress, but I got distracted!

  1. You are welcome Fiona. To pay it forward with a tatting gift is fun. Enjoy, Love the piece you are working on

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