Doilies gifted- and amazing plates.

Remember the second anchor doily I made for my sister, the one that had the “tatting miscount leads to tatting disaster” post? I had tried to block it, then given up and put it in the cupboard in my craft room. I found it 2 days ago, while looking for my Christmas baubles (another story for another time). My mum had suggested that I starch this doily to take advantage if it’s hyperbolic edges, so I decided that is what I would do.


By using a cylinder under each edge, I blocked the doily again. It looked ok 🙂 . I took it to my mum’s when my sister was visiting too. She was pleased. Mum thought she had a ceramic plate that she had made years ago that might fit the doily…and came back with this one.


Perfect! The curve of the plate matches the shape of the doily. My sister was delighted, two unexpected gifts!

The triangle doily, that I made with my milward shuttle, I decided to gift to my mum, as I recalled she had a triangle ceramic plate too (mum has fabulous crockery- something for every occasion).


We were both pretty excited when this doily seemed to have been made to measure too! Two doilies, two plates, and two happy family members 🙂
Until next time, happy tatting!
Fiona T.



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8 responses to “Doilies gifted- and amazing plates.

  1. Both of them are beautiful. Serendipity rules! 😉

  2. looks they were just meant for each other, happy family-perfect.
    All the best for the festive season.

  3. Those doilies were made for those plates. Very nice.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you

  4. Its like the stars aligned and made your tatting even more special.

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