Tatted Baubles- 2014 installment of the story

In a recent post I alluded to ‘Christmas baubles’ being a story for another time– well, here is the story. A few years ago I bought a bulk lot of colourful Christmas Baubles from a clearance sale, with the intention of tatting covers for them as gifts for family and friends. Here is a link to the post. I had left a box of six with my Mum, who had crocheted a few and decorated some with sequins too. When the DMC book arrived I was inspired again to begin some baubles for gifts next year. Of course this recent post from Sharon also inspired me to have a few smaller projects on the go all year too. So, I began to hunt through my house for where I had stored the several remaining boxes of baubles. For over 2 weeks I turned every cupboard inside out- and still no baubles. I checked with Mum, and she only had the one box (and had decorated them too- much better than me 🙂 ). It was by chance, on Christmas Eve, that my son asked about an old ‘jack in the box’ toy of mine. While retrieving the toy from the back of yet another cupboard, I found the bag containing the remaining boxes of baubles- a ‘Christmas miracle’ in my mind.

On Christmas night I pulled out the DMC book and began making a cover for the first bauble:bauble in progress 2014

I have made the top and the bottom, and am working on the ‘middle’ band that will join them. I think this first one will be for me- as it is purple, and there are a couple of mistakes in it. The next few I will do in white thread – I think they look a bit more striking that way. I will take Sharon’s advice and try to work on one each week – though I am sure I will shift this over the year to one a month- but will still have 12 baubles complete by the end of the year, so that won’t be too bad overall.

All the best for a relaxing holiday period.

Happy tatting

Fiona T



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3 responses to “Tatted Baubles- 2014 installment of the story

  1. Beautiful! So it’s not just my cupboards that hide things…

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