Amusement Doily Facebook Tat-Along

Just before New Year Liyarra, over at the Facebook “Tatting” page, suggested the Amusement doily as a tat along – she and another tatter were keen to start it and it seems a number of us were looking for a holiday project too. The emerging conversation is here: (you may need to join the group to read the conversation).    The link to the original pattern (in the way back machine- internet archive)  Amusement.  I have had fun tatting this doily, I was looking for a project and when this popped up on facebook I used the shuttles I had wound (just waiting for a project) and began this. It is a nice pattern- quick to work up. So quick I decided to make two of these doilies for my Mum, as they match the colours in one of her smocking samplers. Here are my pictures of work so far- I hope to finish the pink version by tomrrow…and have an idea for one more colour scheme, not purple 🙂  Amusement doily one mad tatter- blue and ecru 2015Amusement doily blue and pink versions 2015So- do you think you would like to join us? It would be great to see more of these made- what colour will you choose?

Until next time, happy tatting,

Fiona T



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6 responses to “Amusement Doily Facebook Tat-Along

  1. I have yet to start the 4th row, but I am so happy with how it has turned out so far. Yours are lovely.

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  3. Brilliant Fiona!! I am glad you had fun with the tat along. I think it was just a nice easy start to the year and it was fantastic to see so many people involved!

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  5. June W

    Dear Fiona T (one Mad Tatter)
    I would have enjoyed your information and would like to do the Amusement dollies, Iwould be grateful if you could email me the patterns. I am on facebook but have not a clue how to use it and cannot seem to get to the tat along part. I am a new tatter and live in New Zealand. I hope you can help me as facebook and blogging are way out of my limited comfort zone. Kind regards June W

    June: I have emailed the address you supplied.. hope to hear back from you soon. Fiona T

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