Playing with an idea- One mad tatter’s split ring alphabet


A good thing about being on holidays is that I finally have the time to ‘clean out’ my stash cupboard- and in the process have come across a project idea I started long ago (I think 2010). Many of the alphabet letters I had found online or in my existing library to tat seemed to me to be very ‘frilly’. I really wanted to have some letters that were a bit more bold and plain. I began to draw out my idea in my scrapbook – then when I needed to empty a shuttle, I made these samples and adjusted the ideas and patterns as I went. The way I have used the split ring to turn corners was inspired by Anne Bruvold’s ‘Tatted Tardis” and how she manipulated the stitch count to make a ‘square’ corner. I further manipulated the stitch counts to make (or try to make) different angles.  The photos below show a bit of the thinking and ‘playing’ journey that takes place in my creative process.  I have included images of some of the letters I have ‘worked out’ so far. Some letters- like ‘Y’ are a bit more difficult, but now I have located this project again, I hope to work the rest out. The letters would look much better if they are in a single colour, but to help me (and you) visualise the split rings (and as I was testing these when emptying shuttles) the two colours give a better idea of how the ‘split ring’ works to turn/move around a corner. ghyf5kd g0a1wni      uptgclv I have had another idea for a different way of using the split rings too- but think I should finish this set first before starting the next idea. Trying new ideas, and ‘designing’ a pattern for others to follow is a whole different skill set, and one that I was glad to have begun developing through the online tatting design class a few years ago. Of course now with family, work and study – it’s only on the holidays when I can indulge in this extension of my crafting passion.

In other tatting news, Jane has started the TIAS, and day 2’s pattern is set for release today sometime. I realised (thanks Muskaan) that I made a bit of a mistake in my execution of the pattern- so have started again 🙂 I love this game each year, and can’t wait to see who is first to figure out what we are making 🙂 Thanks Jane, we do enjoy this each year.

Until next time,

Happy tatting

Fiona T



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6 responses to “Playing with an idea- One mad tatter’s split ring alphabet

  1. Barbara G

    I have yet to do any letters, but I should give it a try..looks easy enough!

    • LOL Barbara, they sounds like the words I utter when I start many projects- and they turn out bigger than I thought 🙂 Please do try them- and let me know what yours come out like 🙂

  2. These already look great. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, I have been wanting to do the letters of my daughter’s name and, like you, didn’t want it to be too frilly.

  3. Very interesting journey of creativity , Fiona ! And the letters are coming up nicely 🙂
    Do you intend to use Only split rings, or are you open to other techniques as well ?
    I have just added you to my blog list, to follow your progress . Still need to see the rest of your posts 🙂

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