Knitted Adult Kina finished- phew

I have just finished my Adult Kina from this pattern on Ravelry. I was inspired for a long time to try this from the posts retro-mummy puts up of the kinas she makes for her children. It is knitted in one piece (not many ends to sew in, and NO sleeves to attach later) on circular needles- but not in the round (which is lucky as I have never done ‘in the round’ knitting before). This pattern is also fairly simple- all of the shaping is done near the beginning and once you cast off the sleeves it is pretty much smooth sailing and very straightforward to complete – it just took me a while to finish it (11 months :/ ), as I really tat more than any craft at the moment.

Here is a picture of it once I cast it off the needles. I have to sew in 4 ends and attach a button- then it is done.

Cast off kina- nearly finishedAnd so here it is with a button and finished ends-Finished Kina FT

I made this using 8ply Blueberry pure wool, from Bendigo Wool Mills (purchased from Unwind cafe) and to make this small lady size it took 1 and 3/4 balls. Initially I made it for summer- but think it is really a bit ‘hot’ for these days- so my next brilliant plan is to make another one in Bendigo Wool Mills cotton, or perhaps their Bamboo/silk blend for next summer. I would also love to make some of these for a couple of friend’s daughters- but will see how long it takes me to knit a child one before I commit 🙂

Until next time,  happy crafting

Fiona T





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